This book comes from LOVE. I'm GRATEFUL for finding my passion and being able to wake up every morning with excitement and joy, in love with what I do and looking forward to working. I do not long for the weekends anymore, everyday is a new wonder. I've found peace. This book is my way of giving back. I invite whoever wants to read, to allow the wonders of a new perspective to fill up their lives, while going on this magnificent journey of letting go, erasing the memories that generate problems and creating a new reality for ourselves. A new, prosper, peaceful reality.

Welcome dear reader and brother mirror.

This page is for you and for me. Together we shall follow the wonderful path of living life while experimenting the benefits of cleansing our past. Therefore, I would like us to go on this long journey hand in hand and I invite you to check out my blog where I would like to share articles about subjects I believe are necessary and I would like for you to post your comments, your experiences, your stories, your ideas, and the subjects that you would like to talk about.

Problems are our minds creations and you can learn to erase them permanently. If you have already heard of Ho’oponopono you will be fascinated to find such an abundance of information in just one book, explain in such a simple way. If it is the first time you have heard of this extraordinary Hawaiian technique, you will be surprised at what you will find here and of how your life will be filled with miracles. Ho’oponopono teaches you that you create your reality and that your life is run by your unconscious programs. This manual will show you how to easily eliminate those programs in such a way that will enable you to create the life you want to have. No book can give you the solution to your problems but it can show you how to erase the memories that create them. Do not search in the darkness; let’s learn to turn on the light together.‚Äč

For the first time you have in your hands a manual to create miracles in your life.

I have seen miracles happen to people. This book proposes to teach you the tools that will open the doors to bring miracles to your life and that of your loved ones.

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